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International Customs and Tax Law


Nova Tax and Customs Expert
Advisor Team

In today’s interconnected global economy, national borders have become increasingly fluid, creating a complex tax landscape for businesses to navigate. 


Our dedicated International Tax Team at Nova is deeply entrenched in the intricacies of international customs and tax law, compliance, and reporting. 


This expertise empowers us to guide you through the evolving and demanding regulatory environment. 


Working with a seasoned professional in this field is essential, as both outbound and inbound transactions come with significant tax and reporting implications. 


At Nova, our clients value our practical approach, tailored to avoid unnecessary complexity without compromising quality by taking shortcuts.


Nova serves clients globally, operating in regions including the US, Latin America, South Africa, and Europe.


At Nova we specialize in serving clients within the leather and tannery industry, as well as a wide range of other sectors, including electronics and construction. 


The Nova team, composed of international tax and customs law advisors with extensive global experience, will assist you in providing the best advice for your business.


Some of our experts are fluent in multiple languages, ensuring seamless communication with non-English-speaking representatives. 


This diverse skill set equips us to provide unparalleled expertise in tax and customs matters on the international stage.


Nova International Trade Team regularly assists companies with day-to-day customs compliance and long-term import strategies. We review existing compliance procedures, perform compliance audits, establish new compliance plans. 


Examples of Services Provided by Nova Worldwide:


- Customs & Import Compliance

- Tariff Classification

- Customs Valuation

- Customs Inquiries, Rulings, & Protests

- Import Quotas, Licenses & Permits

- Customs & International Trade Settlement /  Litigation

- Transportation & Cargo Settlement / Litigation

- Import Compliance Awareness Training

- Proactive Risk Assessments & Import Compliance Reviews

- Prior Disclosures

- Detentions, Seizures & Penalties


We have the solution for your case.

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